Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

A furnace system is a must-have in the winter months, and most people rely on these units to stay comfortable through those chilly days when temperatures dip below 30 degrees. However, it’s no fun using the furnace with a cacophony of annoying sounds while it’s running. Turning up the television or donning noise-canceling headphones to catch some shuteye with the furnace running isn’t ideal. 

Why is my furnace so loud? As the premier choice for heating repair in the Hamptons, NY, Complete Comfort Control can help you answer that question. Below, the team looks at some of the top causes of a loud furnace and what these sounds could indicate regarding repairs or health and safety-related issues.

Common Causes of Loud Furnace Noise

Before we get to the causes of a loud furnace and the many sounds it makes, here’s a reminder not to endure loud or unusual furnace sounds for too long. Save your ears, and get a professional to look at the furnace. It could save you a lot of money if you can do a minor repair and prevent the complete breakdown of your furnace.

Below are some of the top causes of strange furnace sounds or louder-than-usual operations:

Dirty Furnace Filter

Do you hear loud whistling or screeching sounds when your furnace is working? The air filter likely has layers of dust, hair, and dirt. 

Many people ask us, “Why is my furnace so loud?” only to share that they haven’t changed their furnace filters in months! The whistling or screeching is usually the conditioned air working too hard to push through the clogged filter or vent.

Does your furnace have disposable filters? Fixing the problem is as simple as replacing the filter. You can do it or call our heating repair experts at Complete Comfort Control.

Blower Motor Friction

The blower motor powers your furnace’s blower to turn the fan. It needs lubrication to do its job. Otherwise, you’ll hear those screeching sounds as your furnace works. 

This is another easy furnace troubleshooting job you can complete. Apply two or three drops of motor oil to the system’s oil ports, and the screeching sound should disappear. Repeat the process yearly to keep the motor working well and to stop the noise from returning.

Misaligned Blower Wheel

If the furnace blower wheel is out of alignment, it will make harsh scraping sounds. To confirm the blower wheel as the source of the noise, check whether the noise stops when the furnace cycles off.

You’ll need to call an HVAC technician to adjust the blower wheel.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Do you hear rattling noises as your furnace works? It’s likely a cracked heat exchanger, which bears the brunt of a lax attitude toward maintenance. Failing to change filters or unblock the airflow will lead to a rise in your furnace’s internal temperatures, and the heat exchanger will eventually crack.

At this point, you will have one of the most dangerous heating problems possible because of the potential carbon monoxide leaks. Turn off the furnace immediately when you hear rattling noises, and call an HVAC technician like Complete Comfort Control to check it out.

Dirt Buildup in Burners

If you hear a loud bang seconds after you switch on your furnace, take note of it. It’s a sign of delayed ignition, which only occurs when you have dirty burners. 

Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, it pays to keep the components clean if you want these heating appliances to last. Why not get in touch with an HVAC technician like Complete Comfort Control to clean the burners? It could even prevent an explosion.

Damage in the Ductwork

If you hear rattling and banging sounds as the furnace works, but you’re certain it’s not coming from the furnace, look to your ductwork. HVAC ducts feature a thin metal sheet, so if one segment pops loose, you’ll hear some rattling and banging while the hot air blows through it.

Ductwork problems won’t necessarily affect your furnace, but they directly affect your home comfort and heating bills.

Let Complete Comfort Control Fix Your Noisy Heating System

Why is my furnace so loud? With so many possible causes, you’ll need a professional to accurately identify the cause of the sound and fix it. Focusing on the wrong thing could cause the furnace circuit board to burn, so you need reliable help from a team like Complete Comfort Control.

Don’t wait to book an appointment; call Complete Comfort Control in The Hamptons, New York, at 631-910-7649 today!

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