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New York and hot weather don’t always come in the same sentence. However, when it does get warm, it can make your home or business unbearable without adequate air circulation. Many places can need AC compressor services in The Hamptons, NY, on short notice once the weather turns.

Complete Comfort Control can install, repair, and replace your AC system and its components at a reasonable price. We work quickly to resolve any emergency HVAC needs, available 24/7 year-round for your safety and comfort. You can rely on us for trusted AC maintenance in The Hamptons, NY.

How an AC Compressor Helps Keep You Cool

Whether you have a central, packaged, or window AC, all have similar internal parts, including the compressor. To understand how a compressor works, you need some knowledge about how air conditioners keep rooms cool.

All types of air conditioners have a consistent list of basic parts:

  • A compressor
  • A fan or blower
  • A condenser coil
  • An evaporator coil
  • Tubing with refrigerant gas
  • A thermostat or a way to alter the temperature

Heat energy travels to a colder place with less energy. When the refrigerant is inside the condenser coils, it is colder than the air inside your room. That way, the liquid can absorb the heat and humidity from inside your property.

Fans blow indoor air over the coils for the liquid to absorb internal heat and become a low-pressure gas. The air now has a lower temperature than before, which the fan recirculates into the room. Then, the refrigerant, with some absorbed heat, goes to the compressor, which compresses the refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure gas.

The refrigerant now has a much higher temperature than the air outside. When fans blow over the superheated gas in the evaporator coils, the heat energy leaves the refrigerant and enters the outdoor air. Then, the cooled, liquid refrigerant cycles back through the system to absorb more indoor heat.

The Compressor and Its Crucial Job

A compressor must help change the state of the refrigerant to a high-pressure gas for the heat exchange to happen. Heat energy and humidity won’t leave the refrigerant if it is not warmer than the outdoor air. Heat will not change places without the compressor, requiring you to seek AC compressor services in The Hamptons, NY.

Circulating air of the same temperature through your room without any actual cooling does little but waste energy. A ceiling or plug-in fan would be more efficient than an AC in this condition. However, an AC with a functioning compressor can quickly alter a room’s temperature within minutes.

Signs Your AC Compressor Might Be Failing

An air conditioner cannot function without a compressor, meaning you need a repair technician to fix it. We highly advise against attempting a DIY solution for an AC compressor because of the high voltage it uses. Improper handling of this critical part can lead to serious or even fatal injuries.

You need a licensed technician to handle this type of HVAC repair, but look out for these signs that your compressor might be failing:

No Indoor Temperature Changes

An AC that fails to lower the internal temperature of your property might have a problem with the compressor. Remember, a dead compressor means the refrigerant cannot release heat and humidity and won’t absorb any more energy. The warm air would continue circulating in your home in this condition.

Strange AC Noises

While air conditioners often make slight background noise, usually a light hum, it shouldn’t make clanging, clattering, or hissing sounds. Those noises may indicate that the compressor, fan, or another part of your system isn’t working as it should. An HVAC professional can diagnose the source of the sound and resolve any internal issues.

Unit Leaks

Leaks around your unit — inside for wall or window units and outside for central AC — can indicate a dangerous gas leak. Refrigerant, while resourceful, is a hazardous chemical that needs proper handling by an HVAC technician. Leaks can happen in and around a faulty compressor, leading to liquid dripping outside the unit.

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