What Causes a Furnace Circuit Board To Burn?

As highly efficient heating systems, furnaces generate warmth so your property remains comfortable during New York’s frigid winter. However, sometimes furnaces experience malfunctions that can fry their circuit board, causing homeowners to ask, “What causes a furnace circuit board to burn?” To answer that question, Complete Comfort Control will teach you why furnace circuit boards fry and how you can fix it efficiently.

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What Is a Furnace Circuit Board?

Every modern furnace, whether a gas, oil, or electric model, needs a circuit board to control operations. They act as the furnace’s brain and send vital information to the unit when necessary. Circuit boards also control various parts and mechanisms of your furnace that play pivotal roles in its daily operations. 

These parts include:

  • The furnace’s ignition
  • Gas valves
  • Blower motor
  • Flame sensor
  • Some air conditioning elements (only on select models)

Unfortunately, sometimes furnaces experience problems that burn their circuit boards.

Without a functioning circuit board, your furnace can’t operate correctly, making it nearly impossible to heat your home when temperatures drop.

Five Furnace Issues That Can Fry the Circuit Board

So, what causes furnace circuit boards to burn out? 

Again, several problems can arise that fry your furnace’s circuit board and obstruct operations. Understanding these malfunctions will help you identify and resolve them before they become severe. Below we provide a few common furnace issues that can burn circuit boards.

1. Loose Wiring

Faulty and loose wires can create electrical shorts that blow out a control board fuse. The furnace’s vibrations can loosen control board wires over time and prevent them from sending information to the unit. Tightening, adjusting, or replacing faulty board wires will restore the control board’s function so it can operate throughout winter and beyond.

2. Power Surges

Power surges prove more detrimental to electronic devices than many homeowners realize. The sudden influx of electricity can fry your electronics and leave them beyond repair, including your furnace’s circuit board. 

Unfortunately, technicians can’t fix burned control panels caused by power surges and must replace them to restore the furnace’s operations. If your home experiences a power surge and leaves you with an insufficient furnace, contact a professional to assess the circuit board and replace it if necessary.

3. Switch and Relay Problems

Circuit boards have numerous switches and relays that regulate the flow of power to various furnace components. When these switches and relays break down or get stuck, a variety of issues can arise that can burn out the board. These problems often stem from:

  • Excess dirt accumulation
  • Corrosion
  • Warping
  • Improper alignment

While a professional technician can fix some of these issues, others typically require a circuit board replacement. Your technicians will examine your board and determine the best resolution.

4. Static Electricity

Static electricity can sometimes burn a furnace’s circuit board and leave it with irreparable damage. Your body can transfer static electricity to the control board if it’s the first thing you touch, causing it to give out almost immediately. A professional technician will have to replace your furnace’s circuit board if it experiences static electricity damage.

5. Age

Sometimes furnace circuit boards give out due to old age. Most last between ten and 15 years before succumbing to wear, requiring you to replace the board to restore your furnace’s operations. However, routine maintenance can extend your furnace’s control board’s lifespan, allowing you to get a few more years out of your unit. Professionals make slight adjustments to prevent malfunctions and board damage if an issue occurs. 

Complete Comfort Control offers excellent furnace maintenance services and will help you keep your system in tip-top shape throughout the year. If your furnace’s circuit board is beyond repair, we will replace it with a best-in-class model without surpassing your budget.

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