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Indoor air pollution is a serious issue affecting millions of people yearly. HVAC companies offer several whole home purifiers that can improve indoor air quality and promote good health for you and your family.

UV lights are an interesting new air purification system for modern homes that offer many benefits. Complete Comfort Control, Inc. offers UV light installation in Three Mile Harbor for modern HVAC systems. Contact us today to discuss installation options!

Home UV Light Installation

UV is an exciting candidate for air purification systems. Unlike other systems that mechanically remove particles with filters or electromagnetism, UV systems use high-energy ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

Many modern systems combine a germicidal UV light with filter systems to provide clean and safe air. In most systems, the air moves through another filtration mechanism after UV purification to remove dust and other particles. So, you get the benefit of both traditional and modern cleaning techniques.

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UV Light Installation: Air Purification

UV air purification systems work by channeling air through a special air handler that emits ultraviolet light. Specially shaped coils produce UV-C light, killing most biological agents, including bacteria, viruses, algae, and mold spores.

The reason UV purifiers can kill bacteria is due to UV light’s properties. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate cells, damaging their DNA and nucleic acids. Prolonged UV light exposure can kill harmful biological agents, making the air safer to breathe.

An HVAC UV light produces minimal radiation and is safe for adults, pets, and small children.

UV Whole Home Air Purifier Benefits from UV Light Installation

Below are just a few benefits of UV light installation in Three Mile Harbor:

Better Health

The main benefits of a UV whole home air purifier are improved air quality and better health. Polluted air can trigger respiratory conditions and allow germs and other harmful agents to spread. UV light purifiers kill harmful microorganisms that cause illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

Fewer Odors

Biological agents like mold and algae are one of the leading causes of bad smells coming from air vents. HVAC UV light purifiers kill those microorganisms before they can fester and start producing foul odors.

Prevent Mold

Mold spores thrive in high-humidity environments and can pose a significant health hazard. A UV light filter eliminates mold spores before they can settle and create visible mold growth. UV light kills the spores, and then the air filter removes them from the air.

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