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Reliable heat throughout the winter months is something that everyone should have readily available to them, especially in the cold of Sag Harbor, NY. At Complete Comfort Control, we put this belief into action by providing professional furnace or boiler. With us, there is no hassle. Please give us a call, and we’ll have one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians come out to your home to get your heat up and running in no time. 

Even if your furnace or boiler isn’t fully malfunctioning at this point, but you suspect it might require a tune-up to avoid a full breakdown, we also offer biyearly maintenance to ensure you’re never without heat. At Complete Comfort Control, we always have all your heating needs covered. 

Heating Repair

When Is Heating Repair Necessary?

If your home is without heat, this is an issue that we want to address ASAP. While being without heat on a mild day might seem manageable, as the temperatures drop, we want to address heating concerns before the lack of heat becomes dangerous, especially if you have elderly relatives or young children in the home.  

With that in mind, we can often address heating concerns before they get too severe. It takes a keen eye and knowing what to look for when it comes to your furnace or boiler. To avoid a total loss of heat in your space, don’t dismiss these common furnace or boiler concerns. We recommend addressing them as soon as you notice anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly. 

Common Furnace or Boiler Concerns in Heating Repair

  • You notice the pilot light is not turning on or has turned yellow (it should be blue) 
  • Your thermostat isn’t accurately displaying the temperature in your home (i.e., you have the heat cranked up, but the space still feels cold) 
  • You notice noises coming from your furnace or boiler that you never noticed before 
  • You can’t keep the burners lit
  • There isn’t enough airflow in your home, resulting in cooler temperatures 
  • A defective flame sensor is causing the furnace or boiler to shut off 
  • You notice the smell of rotten eggs (this is indicative of a gas leak, and you need to evacuate your home immediately)
  • You notice cold pockets in your home that don’t seem to heat as well (i.e., the kitchen is warm, but the bathroom is cold) 
  • Without explanation, your heating bills have significantly increased 
  • Your system is short cycling (i.e., the heat comes on for a short period, turns off, then quickly comes back on)
  • You constantly feel the need to turn up the thermostat to maintain the heat in your home (which is normal on a cold day, but you shouldn’t need to do this consistently) 


Any of these common furnace or boiler concerns is a good reason to call the furnace or boiler repair team at Complete Comfort Control. We’ll get everything sorted out for you quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to go without heat in your home. 

DIY Furnace or Boiler Heating Repair

With all of those common furnace or boiler concerns in mind, do you always need to call a furnace or boiler repair company? While some of the major problems, like a gas leak or an increase in your heating bill that you can’t explain, will require a professional eye, there may be some things you can do before calling in the professional services of Complete Comfort Control. 

Before calling a furnace or boiler repair company, check the following: 

  • Do you have gas, is the emergency switch on (red switch plate near basement or attic stairs), is the thermostat set to heating mode.

When To Consider New Installation vs. Heating Repair

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding heating repair that we receive is how to know when you need to install a new furnace or boiler versus when you can repair the current system. 

First, you will likely need a professional furnace or boiler repair company to come out and check your system to make this determination. We don’t recommend drawing this conclusion for yourself since it could lead to keeping a faulty system that needs replacing because you want to coast through the winter. However, there are some key indicators that you can keep in mind to help you determine whether or not a new system might be necessary.

You might need a new furnace or boiler if:

  • Your system is older than 15 years 
  • Your heating bills continue to increase every year
  • You’ve been trying to maintain your system, but year after year, you require heater repair services


With the above in mind, there are many factors to consider when making this decision. The team at Complete Comfort Control will be happy to take a look at your current system and determine whether we can repair the unit or need to install a new one. 

Maintaining Your Furnace or Boiler to Reduce Constant Heating Repair

On occasion, maintaining a furnace or boiler is out of your control. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a home where proper maintenance wasn’t a concern, or maybe you’ve lived in your home for decades, and it’s time for a new unit.

Having said that, if you have the option to maintain your furnace or boiler, we highly recommend doing so. Not only can it increase the lifespan of your furnace or boiler, but it also means you won’t constantly need to call us to help get your furnace or boiler up and running. 

To maintain your furnace or boiler and increase its lifespan, we recommend scheduling maintenance appointments with a trusted furnace or boiler repair company like Complete Comfort Control. We offer biyearly appointments during which we come out to your home, check your system, ensure everything is working properly, and tune up anything that seems out of place. Our thoroughness gives you peace of mind knowing your furnace or boiler will keep you warm throughout the winter without issue. 

While this might seem like an investment initially, in the long run, you’ll save money by avoiding costly furnace or boiler breakdowns that could require a new installation. 

Gas Heating Repair You Can Trust

The search for “heater repair near me” ends today. Let us tell you why. 

At Complete Comfort Control, we are committed to providing you with impeccable service. We understand that having reliable heating in the cold winter months is vital, which is why you’ll always experience friendly, professional assistance when you call on Complete Comfort Control. 

If you need furnace or boiler repair, here’s what you can expect when you enlist the services of Complete Comfort Control: 

  • A professional team that will arrive on time at your home 
  • Knowledgeable technicians who will get your furnace or boiler running properly and safely ASAP 
  • Unbeatable customer service that will instill trust and confidence 
  • A well-rounded list of services so we can help you beyond furnace or boiler repair 
  • Reputable contractors who are licensed to work on your system 


Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. We will do everything to ensure your home is warm and that you feel confident in calling Complete Comfort Control for all your heating and cooling needs. 

Don't Delay - Get Your Heating Repair Done Today

As we’ve mentioned, ignoring common furnace or boiler concerns can lead to your system malfunctioning. While this might not seem like a big deal in the summer, on that first cold day in the winter, you will likely regret not attending to your furnace or boiler when issues first arose. 

Lucky for you, with the team at Complete Comfort Control ready to serve you, furnace or boiler repair doesn’t have to be such a hassle. 

Give us a call, and we’ll ensure your furnace or boiler provides you with all the heat necessary to make it through the winter months. 

For furnace repair you can trust in Sag Harbor, NY, call Complete Comfort Control at 631-946-4908. We can’t wait to serve you!