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Mini-splits have quickly taken over the affordable heating and air market, becoming the first choice for indoor comfort solutions among contractors and new property owners. These small but powerful systems replace the need for clunky window AC units, standalone furnaces, and expensive HVAC systems.

When it comes to mini-split installation, our team at Complete Comfort Control Inc. has you covered. We offer ductless and ducted mini-split installation and maintenance in eastern Suffolk County, backed by nearly thirty years of experience in residential and commercial heating and air.

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What Is a Ducted Mini-Split?

Although these systems have gained in popularity in the past ten years, many property owners may still be unfamiliar with what a mini-split is or what sets it apart from other systems.

What Is a Mini-Split?

Mini-split systems differ from conventional HVAC systems. Instead of having one or more central units installed outside of the home or business, property owners install mini-split units in the walls or ceilings of individual rooms.

Ducted vs. Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-split systems come in ducted and ductless models. Ductless systems offer temperature control in single rooms or spaces. In contrast, ducted mini-split systems provide more dispersed temperature control in one or more rooms or throughout an entire building.

Concealed Duct Mini-Split

Mini-split systems typically use individual air handlers mounted on walls. This may lead many property owners to assume that a mini-split with ducts would have visible ducts. Fortunately, experts can conceal the ductwork for ducted mini-split systems. Ductwork concealment should come as part of installation services, so check with your service provider before committing.

As seasoned professionals in the heating and air industry, our Complete Comfort Control team has the guidance and answers you need regarding ducted mini-split installation, maintenance, pricing, and more. Call with your questions today.

Benefits of Installing a Ducted Mini-Split Unit

When property owners see that mini-split systems only cover one room or space in a building, they often hesitate to invest. However, heating and cooling some homes or businesses using mini-splits saves property owners money and does the job better.

Benefits of using a ducted mini-split system include: 

  • Customizable temperature control in multiple rooms
  • Reaching all rooms of a home or business with a single unit
  • Hidden air-handler mounting and ductwork 
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • More affordable upfront cost compared to HVAC systems
  • Easy maintenance and low repair costs
  • Ideal for smaller buildings

Whether you need better temperature control in your business or want a more affordable indoor unit for your home, ducted mini-splits may be the answer you’re looking for. Make the call and start planning your ducted mini-split installation with Complete Comfort Control, Inc. today.

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