10 Common Heating Issues Every Homeowner Should Watch Out For

Heating issues can happen suddenly and wreak havoc on your HVAC system, leaving in the cold. This guide reveals the ten heating problems that commonly impact homeowners. Discover the dangers of each one and how an HVAC professional can help. 

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1. Dirty Air Filters

Failing to replace your air filters can leave you with insufficient heat. As your filter builds up with dirt, dust particles, and other debris, it causes your heating system to work harder. Be sure to regularly replace your filter to avoid major issues.

2. Thermostat Control Doesn’t Work

Faulty thermostats can either provide excessive heat or not enough of it. Make sure that your thermostat is set at the correct temperature. Put the settings on “auto” rather than “fan on,” which should produce hot air rather than blowing stagnant, unheated air. 

If you use a digital thermostat, replace the battery to see if it resolves the issue. Call an expert if the device still doesn’t work, as the problem may be a tripped circuit. 

3. High Energy Bills

If you see a major spike in your energy bill without changing your use, it’s a warning sign that something is wrong with your heating system. Reach out to an HVAC technician when this occurs. They can inspect your system and tell you the reason behind the sudden increase.  

4. Imbalance of Heat

Many homeowners realize they have a heating issue when they walk into one area of the house and discover it’s significantly cooler than other areas. This imbalance of heat can have multiple causes. Call a heating professional to inspect the system and diagnose the problem. 

5. Poor Insulation

Your home could let heat escape if it doesn’t have sufficient insulation. Be sure to seal any gaps around your doors, windows, and exterior. You can improve your insulation and promote whole-house heating by leaving drapes on south-facing windows open during the day and closing them at night. 

Consider weatherproofing your home’s basement and attic. Even if you aren’t directly heating these spaces, they can play a big part in retaining heat and lowering energy costs.

6. Faulty Fan Blower

The fan blower in your furnace is essential for circulating warm air around your home. Common heating issues related to your fan blower include overheating, build-up of damaging debris, and general wear and tear that causes a breakdown. A heating repair technician can fix your fan blower so your home can heat again. 

7. Pilot Light Is Out

The pilot light on your heating system ignites your fuel source to kick-start heating. The light can go out either due to moisture, a draft, or faulty parts. If your pilot light is out, you can re-ignite it yourself. 

Look for instructions on the furnace and turn the pilot light off and on again. Press a reset button on the unit and safely take a match or lighter to re-ignite the system. If you don’t feel comfortable tinkering with the pilot light yourself, call a service technician to address the issue. 

8. Mold in the Ducts

Faulty ductwork can result in mold growth within your heating system. This poses health risks to you and requires immediate attention. Schedule a cleaning of your ducts to alleviate mold concerns. 

9. Furnace Needs Replacement

No furnace lasts forever. You can face several heating issues that mean it’s time for furnace replacement. These warning signs include higher heating costs, the need for frequent repairs, and hearing strange noises coming from the unit. 

You are likely to experience more problems as your furnace ages. The average unit runs for about 15 years, so call an HVAC installation company if your system is near that benchmark. 

10. Maintenance Neglect 

Keeping your heating system well-maintained is vital for long-lasting, efficient operation. Professional maintenance checks can detect any potential issues within your system and address them before they worsen.

Don’t wait until you experience problems to care for your HVAC system. Schedule routine maintenance before every heating season to give you a smooth-running system as well as peace of mind. 

Call an Expert When You Face Heating Problems

Reach out to a professional if you experience any of these heating issues. The HVAC experts here at Complete Comfort Control can help with everything from emergency furnace repair to routine maintenance checks. Contact us at 631-910-6702 to schedule service.

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