5 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Services

It’s easy to tell that your air conditioner needs servicing if it isn’t turning on. However, not all warning signs your air conditioner needs repair services are as obvious. Actually, some are so subtle that residents and business owners ignore them until they worsen. 

Rather than allow minor telltale signs to eventually lead to a non-functioning unit, let us help you identify and solve the issues immediately. At Complete Comfort Control, the number-one AC repair company in Hamptons, NY, we know what’s plaguing your system. We’ll relay the top five signs below and let you know when to call for professional fixes. 

1. Air Conditioner Leaking Water

To cool your indoor air, your system extracts and evaporates warm air, and refrigerant takes it to the outdoor condenser unit for expulsion. There, condensation occurs, leaving moisture in the drain pan. The drain line moves the water from the pan and redirects it outdoors, but if clogged, the water remains stagnant, contributing to fungal growth.

Unfortunately, a musty smell isn’t the worst concern; backflow can occur, causing condensation from the outdoor unit to reverse flow and enter your indoor evaporator compartment. A leak then develops, causing pooling on your floor, so call a professional to unclog your system.

Other causes of a water leak include: 

  • A crack in the drain pan
  • Frozen coils that eventually melt
  • A damaged condensate pump

2. Refrigerant Leak

While water leaks are alarming, they’re not the only kind of leak you could experience, and definitely not the most dangerous. Your AC system uses refrigerant, a chemical coolant, to absorb heat. It travels through the evaporator coil as a liquid and evaporates as it captures warmth. The outdoor compressor pressurizes it to release the heat and condense it again. 

However, a damaged or punctured evaporator or condenser coil causes refrigerant leaks around your indoor unit. Since the toxic substance is colorless and odorless, it may be difficult to tell if it’s water or Freon, so call for an immediate repair. You may be able to tell it’s a coolant leak if you also notice:

  • Less cool air due to a lower refrigerant charge
  • Higher energy bills if your system has to function longer to cool
  • Frozen evaporator coils due to a lack of heat absorption 

3. Little To No Air Flow 

One of the other major signs your air conditioner needs repair services is low or no airflow. If your unit isn’t putting out enough air, a restriction may be reducing airflow to a trickle, usually caused by dirty air filters, vents, and ductwork with contaminant buildup. That aside, a faulty blower motor, fan, or thermostat could also have trouble producing or moving the air. 

Change your air filters and make a habit of cleaning or replacing them seasonally. You should also wipe down vents and hire a professional for annual duct cleaning to reduce contaminants in your system. However, for part malfunctions, an expert HVAC technician needs to inspect and repair your unit.

However, the only thing worse is no airflow, even if your system powers on. While any of the above issues can cause this, the two main reasons for no airflow include a running but inefficient motor and faulty air handlers that don’t distribute air properly. 

4. An Oversized Unit

You may think a bigger AC unit with a higher BTU rating means you’ll receive faster cooling power. While that is true, an oversized system leads to short cycling, meaning your system turns on and off frequently, leaving you with hot and cold spots. This issue proves uncomfortable, especially in the areas furthest from your vents, and can raise electricity bills.

Have a professional measure the cubic footage of your place so they can fit you with the appropriate BTU rating and unit size.

5. An Undersized Unit

Obtaining an undersized unit is just as bad since your system must long cycle to reach your temperature setting. This process increases your utility bills and carbon footprint while keeping you in the sweltering heat longer. Again, reaching out to a professional for a replacement alleviates this issue. 

Trust the Experts in Complete Comfort!

From blowing warm air to increasing indoor humidity, from producing unusual noises to creating foul smells, there are numerous ways your air conditioner can make you nervous. 

Rather than ignoring the signs your air conditioner needs repair or contemplating a DIY AC repair, call Complete Comfort Control. For almost a decade, our five-star team has offered installations, repairs, and replacements with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Call 631-910-7649 in Hamptons, NY, for a free consultation on an AC repair service today!

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