Why Is My Boiler Still Running When the Thermostat Is Off?

Boilers use gas or electricity to heat water and, subsequently, your home. A malfunctioning boiler will leave you and your family shivering until you figure out the problem.

Boilers are a mystery when something goes wrong. There are many small components that can sustain damage and cause your boiler to run continuously. Instead of searching “How does a boiler heating system work?” and trying to repair it yourself, call a professional.

Complete Comfort Control have the top heating repair experts in the Hamptons, NY. We can identify any problem and safely complete a repair to restore service. Here are some typical reasons your boiler could keep running when the thermostat is off:

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is the most obvious problem when your boiler doesn’t function properly. Since it is unable to determine the true water temperature, a faulty thermostat causes your boiler to run constantly. Adjust the temperature on the thermostat and see if it helps the problem.

Dead batteries could be the cause of a faulty thermostat. If you change them every time you change the batteries on your smoke detectors, your thermostat will operate uninterrupted.

Damaged Valves

Over time, components of your boiler sustain damage. The valves on a boiler help it to operate on a cycle. If there is a problem with the valve, your boiler may run constantly or not at all.

Releasing the valves could remedy the problem, but the safest choice is to call a professional to avoid serious injury. If releasing the valves does not fix the issue, valve replacement is the next step.

High Water Pressure

Damaged valves and high water pressure go hand in hand. Extended high water pressure can damage the valves on your boiler. When high pressure damages the valves, the thermostat can no longer get an accurate reading on the water temperature, resulting in the boiler running constantly.

If the water pump on the boiler is bigger than necessary, it could cause water pressure to build up, resulting in high energy bills from the boiler constantly running. A professional can help ensure the water pump is an appropriate size, making your boiler energy efficient.

Electrical Malfunction

Before you ask, “How does a boiler heating system work?” remember that electricity is a factor. Turn off the circuit breaker to your boiler. If your boiler works normally after you switch the breaker back on, an electrical malfunction likely caused the problem.

If you think this is the case, do not try repairing it yourself. A boiler specialist can examine your unit and identify any electrical malfunction.

Broken Pipes

Plumbing pipes sustain damage over time and eventually may crack or break. Much of the time, pipe damage is unavoidable. A tree root could grow right through a pipe, damaging it without warning.

Water can leak out of damaged pipes, causing the boiler to run unnecessarily. If your water bill suddenly skyrockets, you could have an undetected water leak.

Some boilers have a frost protection cycle which prevents pipes from freezing. Enabling the frost protection cycle will help extend the life of your plumbing system.

Boiler Age

Both electric and gas-powered boilers can last at least 15 years with regular maintenance. Eventually, the cost of repair will outweigh the cost of total replacement. If you have repeated problems with your boiler, including running constantly, it might be a sign that your boiler has reached the end of its lifespan.

Professional boiler installation can be expensive, but newer units are more energy efficient, resulting in lower heating bills in the long run.

Expert Boiler Repair

The best way to prevent boiler problems is by scheduling annual maintenance from a professional technician. During their annual inspection, the technician will clean the unit and inspect it for signs of wear, such as damaged valves, a faulty thermometer, or any of the problems mentioned above. Replacing components along the way will avoid extensive damage in the future.

An Important Note

Always check to see if your boiler is under warranty. If you attempt to repair your boiler yourself and cause extra damage, you could void the warranty. It’s best to leave boiler repair to the experts.

Reliable Boiler Repair in the Hamptons, NY

No matter what boiler issues you have, you don’t have to do an internet search asking, “How does a boiler heating system work?” Instead, call the most trusted team in the Hamptons, NY, at Complete Comfort Control at 631-910-6702. We handle all types of heating maintenance, including boiler problems.

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