Can a Power Surge Damage an Air Conditioner: What You Should Know

As our use of electricity grows with advancements in technology, our homes have an increasing number of appliances that can become damaged by a power surge. If you think a power surge only happens during an electrical storm, your home is in danger. Power surges are much more common than many homeowners realize.

Can a power surge damage an air conditioner? This post will discuss the definition of a power surge and how to protect your unit. When you need a trustworthy AC repair company in the Hamptons, NY, Complete Comfort Control offers a free consultation for your home or business.

What Is a Power Surge?

A power surge is different than you might think. Many homeowners think a power surge comes with a dramatic lightning strike. In reality, a power surge is a quick spike in electricity that can come out of nowhere.

Technology changes fast, providing us with amazing new electrical appliances and gadgets on a regular basis. Outdated electrical wiring can’t handle modern electricity demands. The innocent act of switching on a new appliance that pulls a lot of electricity can freak out your electrical system and cause a power surge.

The cause of a power surge can also lie outside the home. If a squirrel runs along the power line and encounters a transformer, it could cause a power surge and even a complete outage for the surrounding area.

The unpredictable nature of a power surge is exactly why you should take measures to protect your appliances.

Damage Caused by a Power Surge

Can a power surge damage an air conditioner, and how much damage can it cause?

One downside to fully electronic AC units is that they cannot handle power fluctuations. Though modern air conditioning units need fewer repairs overall, the sensitive electronics do not have the capability to anticipate power surges.

A sudden power surge could cause damage that is not immediately apparent. It could fry the internal components, causing them to stop working much sooner than they would under normal circumstances.

The motor on a heavy appliance like your air conditioner can handle daily use but not the quick off-and-on cycle of a power surge. Some parts that could sustain damage include the compressor, the blower motor, and the condenser.

Preventing Damage from a Power Surge

If your home starts suffering from regular power surges, the best thing to do is call a professional to examine your electrical system. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to protect your air conditioner.

Start by turning your air conditioning unit off both on the wall thermostat and at the breaker box. Secure your whole home by unplugging other appliances and electronic devices. Keep everything unplugged until a professional can come to your home and investigate the cause of power surges.

To protect your HVAC system, you can invest in a volt surge protector. They are similar to standard power strips that protect computers and small appliances, only a volt surge protector is capable of protecting your HVAC system from a power surge. While a volt surge protector will give you peace of mind when it comes to your HVAC system, your other appliances are still vulnerable to damage from a power surge.

Whole Home Surge Protection

The best way to have peace of mind and protect your expensive appliances from a power surge is to install a whole home surge protector. A professional contractor installs it with your circuit breaker, where it perpetually monitors electrical fluctuations.

Along with the surge protector, we install a grounding device. When the surge protector notices an electrical surge, it can quickly direct excess electricity to the grounding device instead of allowing it to wreak havoc on your appliances. The installation cost of a whole home surge protector is well worth the money you will save on the repair and replacement of electrical appliances.

Reliable Power Surge Protection

A power surge used to just cause blown fuses, but now it can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Instead of wondering, “Can a power surge damage an air conditioner?” call a professional to ensure your air conditioner won’t sustain damage from a power surge.

If your home experienced a power surge that resulted in air conditioner damage, don’t worry. Complete Comfort Control provides comprehensive AC installation and maintenance in the Hamptons, NY. Call our team of experts at 631-910-6702 to schedule service and learn more.

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